Getting ready for dark skies!
Astronomy in a box, err shed. Propane heater at the ready!

Clear Skies!

Time to get ready

These photos were taken recently to show something of the current astrophotography setup in our backyard. The mount stays put to preserve polar alignment and is covered with several layers of protection when not in use.

The shed holds the dismounted scope and desktop computer for mount and camera control. I have two house power circuits to the shed ready for future expansion into a more functional observatory building.

The Desktop computer in on our wireless network so I have internet at the scope, and can use Microsoft “remote desktop connection” to run everything from in the house if I want to.

I run Deep Sky Stacker to combine the individual images with the computer outside, and then copy the resulting file to a computer in the house for the post processing. Currently I just use Photoshop CS2 with some action sets and plugins like Astro Flat to get something to share. It would be nice to use PixInsight, but I am not there yet. 




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